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I love to travel and I love to explore new places and find out about history and geography of different places. In my time traveling to various places and cities around the world I have always found that a little information goes a long way to making the experience much more enjoyable. I want to enjoy these experiences with all of you and help you to enjoy your experiences at the same time.

The person I am today.

My desire to explore was breed into me from a young age, as a young scout I was always away with friends taking part in various activities and challenging the boundaries of what could and couldn’t be achieved. On many occasions we would get lost just wondering off but normally it was because we found something more interesting to be doing or somewhere more interesting to be, I am sure my mother did not find this as enjoyable as I did.

I guess it is little surprise that I eventually joined the military and enjoyed numerous adventures to far-flung lands as well as visiting many places within England that I probably wouldn’t have, without a reason (not every trip for work is an arduous one). While I was traveling with the military we clearly worked and most of the time also managed some integration with the local population, I found that this really gave us the opportunity to find places that inspired me and were some times off the tourist path. Any time that we had down time I would want to get an idea of the area or places that were around our location and thankfully unless it was a war zone the British Military actively encouraged this. However, as most will be aware or at least believe the Army is not necessarily a place for raising a family and so I found myself in the big wide world bringing up my family and replacing a lot of these traveling adventures with the joy of my children.

Work for yourself they say it will give you freedom!! I find this a hard reality to take, because that is exactly what I did, I left the army and set up my own contracting business, now I actually done pretty well but I can tell you from experience that this is a hard path to tread( freedom is not a word I would associate with running your own business). With building a new business and bringing up a young family travel was sadly reduced. Young children don’t really lend to an exploring holiday either! But we did manage to get some relaxing holidays and as you might expect tended to aim for warm climates as often as possible. It has led to some slightly dodgy times when I have been carrying my daughter just to make her and her mum feel safe and also one occasion when guns were pulled while we were in the middle of the desert (thankfully not directed at us but still not ideal). Gladly now our children are older we have over the last few years managed to get away for a few short breaks to cities around the world that we have always wanted to visit.


What I have Found

Whilst traveling to these cities and hopefully many more to come, one thing that I have always considered and struggled with are which attractions to fit in, what ones to leave out, how do you know until you have visited if it is more important than another attraction that you could be doing instead. While I have not regretted any of the attractions we have visited from some cities I have come away thinking that I could have just done with a couple more days to see various things and learn a little more. I want to pass on my experiences and those of others to assist the explorers to explore the cities of the world in all their glory.


City Tourist is here for everyone to learn something about the cities around the world, I would love to hear of positive experiences from others and we can try to give everyone that bit of information that will hopefully make their trip the best experience it can be.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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