Are city hotels the best accommodation for your city break?

While we are discussing how to plan our city break the accommodation should take some considerable deliberation. In my opinion where you stay and how you chose to spend your down time will have a major impact on your city break. City hotels are one option of many and below I will discuss this and other options that I have used before.

City hotels.

These are probably the obvious option when planning a city break to any city around the world. Clearly we can stick City_hotel_signwith a chain that we have used numerous times before and therefor know in advance what we are going to expect from that hotel and the service.

We can choose a hotel based on the star system (be careful this does change from place to place), Generally we would all love to stay in a five star hotel and in most major cities three and four stars are perfectly acceptable depending on your taste and desire.

Again budget is as normal a limiting factor but if you have a poor hotel it will not enhance your opinion of what could be a lovely city and a break that you could remember for the rest of your life.

There are numerous search engines that give reviews of virtually every hotel in the world and I always try to get an idea for what normal people say about their stay in any hotel that I am interested in.

Air BNB.

Although a relatively new concept, Air bnb is a pretty good option if you want to immerse yourself in the daily life of the city you are visiting. It can also offer other options to a whole family in one room or worse still having to book two rooms within one hotel just to be able to accommodate the whole party.

One of the plus sides, in my opinion to air bnb is the ability to be able to cook within the city and enjoy ingredients that may not be readily available in your home town. You will come to realize that food plays a big part in my exploration.

Air bnb does not give you daily maid service and does not unfortunately clean up after you have cooked but you can limit your spending by having breakfast at your home away from home and even as discussed having diner their as well. This is ideal if you are on a budget.


Every city in the world I have been to so far has a hostel of some sort. These are very cheap accommodation and generally very basic. I have stayed in a couple and have always found them to be clean and tidy but I don’t generally like the idea of sharing accommodation with people that I don’t know.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that not all hostels involve sleeping in big dorm rooms and some actually are like a cheaper version of hotels now.

On the up side the one thing that I have always enjoyed about hostels is opportunity to meet new people from all backgrounds and cultures and normally all in the same place for generally the same reason. This could mean new friends, good advice and friendly conversation.


If you look hard enough you will find that in Europe especially their are generally campsites just outside of the city. These can be great places if you are heading somewhere the weather is nice. I have indeed used a campsite outside of Barcelona once, it was clearly a tourist site as they put on a shuttle bus every day to get into and out of the city.

Camping is not every ones cup of tea! I personally don’t mind it. It is generally cheaper than most other alternatives and with some sites you use their tents and the normally supply cots to sleep on. Camping can involve more stuff to take so I generally only recommend this if you able to drive to your destination but they’re is no reason not to make that a road trip all the way their with some stop offs in other places.

What is the best option?

Information is power! In this case I agree with that statement. I tend to research as much as possible on where I would like to stay. I have already discussed in planning your trip consideration of where you are stay geographically but we are all limited in budget also in some way or another.

I look for reviews based on a shortlist decision that I have come to. You can generally get reviews on all the above forms of accommodation so whichever you might want to choose I would definitely look for reviews before booking anything.

One of my main considerations with what type of accommodation I would like aside from budget is to consider the eating habits that want to adopt during my visit. Do I want to eat out morning and night? Would I like to be able to cook my own food at any point? Both of these questions answered would or could rule out certain options, the last thing that you want to do is get their and then wish you had done something else.

Lastly If you turn up to your accommodation and it is not to the standard that you was expecting what do you do?

Well in my experience not many hotels, air bnb’s or other forms of accommodationCamp_site wish to receive poor reviews. I don’t want you to waste your holiday time arguing but my first port of call is always to find out why it is not what I was expecting. Ask ?? You may well get upgraded, moved or something resolved that was purely just missed by mistake. We all make them!

2 thoughts on “Are city hotels the best accommodation for your city break?

  1. Hi Drew, this is a great topic to come across, I’ve always liked the idea of camping but never actually took the plunge and gone for it, instead I always go for the easy, convenient option which is the hotel, and as you said, sometimes you do leave feeling rather disappointed that you maybe didn’t get your moneys worth

    1. Drew Smith

      Hi Ben

      Yes unfortunately not all accommodation lives up to our expectations. It could be that our expectations are too high in some circumstances but I have always found that camping can be a good alternative. It is largely dependent on the weather!!!

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