Short European City Breaks – are they our Best option??

Are short European city breaks our best option

The Telegraph has produced an interesting article suggesting that with rising airfares short European city breaks maybe a thing of the past. This week International the air transport Association said rising fuel prices could end our love affair with city breaks.


The weekend Get away

Short_European_city_travelWe all know the drill, dash to the airport on Friday travel for an hour or two to Europe and then take off. Try to achieve everything, or as much as possible during those two days in the city of your choice. Traveling to different cities has become like collecting stickers we all, within the city break generation are trying to get through as many cities as possible.

Many of our generation are getting tired of running from one attraction to the next all weekend and then when returning tired and no where near refreshed we start planning on next city break.

I still Love them

However city breaks can still be enjoyable if you look to plan your city break in advance and allow yourself time to carry out the activities that you want to but still do so at a slow canter.

Part of the attraction for me of these short breaks is the ability to get away from our normal mundane lives. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to run around each city we travel to and tick everything off the list in my opinion it is often better to try to do one or maybe to attractions in one, maybe two days as was previously discussed which will give you ample time to enjoy the local culture and foods.

Check out these



While air fares and taxes are always rising we as a general population also seem to be rising with them. We find new ways to achieve the goals we have weather that be travel to as many cities as possible or just take in one or two a year and relax in them. As you can see from the video above (old as it maybe I felt it was appropriate for this post) there are still a multitude of beautiful cities and one thing that I am very aware of having worked and lived in London most of my adult life is that every day is different I still come across different places and views daily.


What’s Not to Love !!!!

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