USA city Breaks -Up and coming US cities

New York, Orlando, New Orleans, We are all aware of the big cities that we as tourists have visited for numerous years. These destinations will remain popular for many years to come but what cities within the USA are about to get their time in the spotlight.

The USA city breaks that I will discuss below have all been awarded destination on the rise awards from Tripadvisors travelers choice awards. Let’s see if it is worth getting in before the crowds?

Park city – Utah

While many of us would have heard of or even visited Salt Lake City, Park City is actually only a 35-min drive from this currently well-known destination. Park city is a multi-season city with ski resorts during the winter and open-air concerts, film screenings and cultural events covering the summer months.


Why not try the year-round Bobsled ride from the 2002 Utah winter games at the Utah Olympic Park.

Columbus – Ohio

The capital city of Ohio, Columbus offers a creative-minded affordable and down to earth city break experience.With its critically acclaimed food scene and beautiful neighborhoods Columbus is a relaxed and enjoyable USA city break. If you are into you food like I am why not check out the Short North Arts district where you will find some of the best restaurants in the city.

Alternatively, if like my wife you will also find great little boutique shops around most corners. Whilst in Columbus please do Ohio_Theatre_USA_City_Breakstake in a show at the Ohio theater and if you have time check out the Governors residence for a step back into history.

Portland – Maine


Portland, Maine Is an old Fishing city situated on a peninsula extending into the Casco Bay. This charming city is built around the old Port District and boosts ornate mansions, Lighthouses and charming ocean views. Popular for its locally brewed craft Ales and fresh lobster, the summer months offer a fantastic city retreat.


I would highly recommend taking a two boat trip out into the bay for some great views of the Light house and a spectacular Maine sunset. Just relax, unwind and enjoy the respite from the crowds within the city.

Louisville – Kentucky

This Authentic Southern city, sits on the Ohio river and is Kentucky’s largest city. Full of history, Louisville is fast growing in popularity, with beautiful outdoor parks and world-class museums. During May the Churchill Downs race course hosts the famous Kentucky Derby, but aside from this fantastic event Kentucky has plenty to other.

Well known for the racecourse and Derby museum, Louisville is also home the Slugger factory and museum world renowned for making the Lousisville Slugger baseball bat. Why not also try out the fantastic Kentucky Bourbon tasting?


USA City Breaks

When people suggest to me that they are looking to have a city break, my first reaction is one of surprise. I have found over a multitude of years that most City travel is not a break at all. However, once you have been to the majority of the top city breaks, I do find that some of the less established tourist cities can provide exactly that.

The majority of these up and coming cities have something to offer a destination or attraction that most people would like to see and experience. They may not have like NEW York twenty different attractions that you want to visit and in my opinion this is actually a good thing.

I like to find out about local cultures and explore the city a little, when you are running from one attraction to another that is very difficult to do. With the lesser known cities it normally allows you the time to explore and enjoy the local cafes and bars, of if my wife the local shops!!

4 thoughts on “USA city Breaks -Up and coming US cities

  1. Hi Drew, much like your wife, when I go to a new city I want to visit all the local shops! So much fun to be had in NEW shops – clothes and fashion that you don’t get at home – is there anything better?! Ha. It’s not all about the shopping though. I absolutely love visiting new cities. I am yet to travel to the US. My husband has been many times and loves Portland (Oregon), New York and San Francisco. At some point I want to go.
    I didn’t know there was another Portland in Maine. My geography is not the best. It’s great that you’re highlighting these destinations on the rise.

    1. Drew Smith

      Hi Melissa

      Thanks for the comments. I also love New York unfortunately have yet to go to San Francisco but it is without doubt on my list.

  2. Hi Drew, it’s really great that you’ve found cities that are still more relaxed where you can like you say ‘feel like you’re actually having a holiday’. Often city breaks just leave you exhausted and in need of a real holiday where you can lie on a beach and maybe do a couple of chilled out excursions.
    I have always wanted to travel to some of the Southern states of the US so Kentucky really looks appealing to me. Also, I love the look of Portland as it’s by the sea and has some lovely picturesque views. I was brought up by the coast and so I’m always drawn to sea and sand wherever I go, much preferable to to polluted cities and always my ideal holiday destination.

    1. Drew Smith


      Thanks For the comment. I am always striving for that perfect mix between the beautiful culture and architecture of some of the great cities and relaxation. I just try to take my time and consider why I am doing what I am doing?

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